Growing with the best selected material, INDOKOM GROUP – Coffee commits to come to the coffee world and responsible to support our honor customers with guaranteed high quality coffee and trust. We build up Good Cooperation and maintaining excellent product and good service followed by building good relationship among Supply Chain including the Farmers and Customers involved in it, visiting the coffee plants and giving information to coffee farmers, such as how to make the right coffee process and giving guidance for what should do for getting the best selected material & to comply with the requirements of customers and in achieving the satisfied and traceable coffee for our customers and increasing the prosperous life for the farmers.

The other important factors in maintaining high quality standard is Strict Quality Control. We always examine the coffee beans in quality factors such as Moisture content, Defect Count System, Beans Size, Appearance and Cup Tasting and score based on international standard “SCAA”. Cupping implemented since the purchase unsorted bean (Asalan), ready stocks and prior to shipment for delivery by our expert and certified Quality Control, holding Coffee Cupper licensed Q-Grader.

In increasing our sales and fulfilling the coffee demand, we facilitate our production with the high innovated machine and We have been supplied the customers with the wide range coffee from Indonesia and for further satisfaction development to prove our commitment to our valued customers, we come to the coffee world with Specialty and Certified Coffee which has been inspected and certified by Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute, UTZ Certified, Organic USDA/NOP, EU & JAS from Control Union, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.

These coffee products could be traceability as our service development to coffee world to achieve the prosperous life among supply chain to whole people in whole word.

Various efforts in quality control purposed to gain and create a chain that is well integrated in the coffee world and ultimately create wealth for coffee farmers in particular.


Saimi Saleh
CEO of Indokom Group