PT. INDOKOM CITRA PERSADA is a company in INDOKOM GROUP engaged in coordinating best practice coffee planting among the coffee farmer groups through the Coffee Research Institute, accomplishing fully washed and dry process, wet and dry hulling to render commercial, premium and specialty quality to export Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to worldwide destinations.

Founded in 1995, located in Bandar Lampung, Sumatra as Head office, providing coffee world with wide range of Coffee origin mostly Robusta Coffee from Lampung and South Sumatra, in 1997 as a Branch Office in Sidoarjo, East Java, providing the coffee world with dry and washed coffee process which mostly comes from coffee areas of East Java, West Java, Central Java, Gayo ( Aceh), Sumatra Mandheling ( Batak land ), Bali, Flores, Toraja, Sulawesi and Papua and in 2012 another Branch Office established in Binjai, Deli Serdang, Medan, North Sumatra.

Later in 2008, PT. REDJODADI being part of INDOKOM GROUP located in Semarang with our own plantation named “TUK BANDUNG” in Temanggung, Central Java with area around 138 Ha.

With the purpose getting closer with sources of these coffee products, we have owned affiliates companies located in Flores, Makasar and West Java.

As our concern to the sustainability of environmental, productivity, reliable good and high quality, for coffee environment and coffee farmers with sustainable livelihoods and stable economic to reach prosperous and better life, we build strong Partnership with the coffee farmer groups, cooperatives and sustainability assistance in cultivating, tight monitoring, controlling in postharvest and improved best farming practices and regular technical support economic to ensure we obtain good and traceability supply chain since the commencement process of unsorted coffee beans until it is ready to export commensurate with the buyer’s requirements and expectation.

Our coffee beans exported to United States of America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia those are well provided in order to conform the needs and requirements of market demand ranging from usual conventional to the international certified quality on strict and highly standard acceptance on certifications through UTZ Certified, Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.